18 April 2013

Focus on... awareness of stalking - what information to record

DC Martin O'Neill
Investigator trainer

Based in Maidstone, West Division  |  Joined Kent Police in 1984

Hope you're all enjoying your evening. 

Before I start I'd like to reference a comment we received earlier today from someone who believes they're being stalked. Unfortunately we don't have any contact details for you but if you're reading this please meet with your local officer as mentioned, raising all that you have to me and ask that it is passed to your area's investigator. If you would like some more support and advice please call the National Stalking Helpline who can help too.

Right, back to the blog. I’d like to use this one to talk about the different types of information that a victim could record, information that could help bring cases to court and ultimately, offenders to justice.

Again, whether you’re a victim or you’ve never had to experience this terrible crime, please stay with me and read on. Whatever the situation, there’s no harm in knowing what can help.

I’ll write this as if I’m talking to a victim.

If you have reported the matter to police you may be given a diary to complete in relation to the case (if you haven’t already). This is a fairly self-explanatory document that asks you to record any incidents.

It is important that you try to record as much detail as possible such as the time, date and location of any harassment/stalking and what exactly happened.

It might be useful to record other information such as anything the ‘stalker’ might have said to you, as well as what they did. If you saw them, can you remember what they were wearing, what methods of transport were they using? What type of car were they driving, what was the number of the bus?

If anyone else witnessed the incident, consider asking for their name and contact details. If necessary, witness reports could help in court.

Also make sure that you sign, date and time your entries whenever you make them.

Please don’t forget, if you feel you are in immediate danger, always dial 999.

Last blog tomorrow,