6 March 2014

Specials Week - Meet Matt Sims, a serving Special Constable (8 years on)

SC Matthew Sims

Kent Police Special Constabulary

Hi, I’m Matt and I’ve been a Special for eight years now.

I joined in 2006 when I was 25, after I saw that Kent Police were advertising. I had always wanted to become a police officer but my career had taken a different path. I knew I didn’t want to change jobs completely so becoming a Special in my spare time could give me the both of best worlds.

I had a think about it, found out exactly what it entailed and thought, let’s give it a try.

My application was successful and I began my training. It was daunting at first, with so much to learn but I was supported along the way. The trainers were excellent and really worked with us all to adapt things and make sure we kept up with the schedule. The fitness and safety training was hard work but always fun with your team around you.

So, here I am, eight years later and I wouldn’t change it. Putting on my uniform and hitting the street gives me a real sense of worth. It allows me to make a difference, to give something back and that is still the case today as it was all that time ago when I first started.

Becoming a special has helped me increase my skills professionally but it has helped me personally too. It has made me truly appreciate my family and what I have a lot more, as you see first-hand how it can be taken away so quickly. It’s also increased my confidence leaps and bounds, not to mention the impact the people I’ve met along the way have had.

I had the chance to work within the sexual exploitation team recently and that was a real eye-opener. Here I could make even more of a difference and gain valuable experience in supporting victims and communities which I’ve really enjoyed.

I’m about to start working with other regular officers as part of Kent Police’s Rural Team which I’m really looking forward to. After my time in the sexual exploitation team I wanted a new challenge, one of the perks of being a Special, and hopefully it’ll be a good one.

If you are reading this and considering becoming a Special, go and take a look at the information on the Kent Police website. You’ve got this far so there’s no harm in looking right? : )

If you’re worried about joining because you have kids; I have one myself, a five year old who was born three years into my service and we’ve been able to make it work around us. You might be worried that your current employer may not support you, but have you asked? When I approached my employer they were great; the police will even speak to them directly to give guidance and support if they need it.

You may even be thinking that this just isn’t for you but if you really want to make a difference, I cannot stress how fulfilling a role being a Special Constable is. I honestly don’t believe there is another job that you can volunteer as and make such a positive and constant difference to people’s lives, including your own.

Thanks for reading everyone, hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Tomorrow one of my colleagues will be writing another blog so keep a look out on twitter and Facebook.

Good luck if you’re applying!

SC Matt Sims

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