20 April 2015

National Stalking Awareness Week - help is available.

DC Rachel Freeman
Investigator trainer

Hello there,

I’m Detective Constable Rachel Freeman, one of Kent Police's trainers. I regularly work with officers to make sure they are up to speed on the latest legislation so they can better support victims of crime.

I will be publishing a series of blogs every day this week – National Stalking Awareness Week
to help you understand the issues involved around stalking. So if you feel you may be a victim, or know a victim, I hope this will help.

Here’s an idea of what I’ll be covering this week.

I’ll let you know about the current stalking and harassment laws, explaining them as straightforwardly as I can so you know how we can help, and understand the support that is available for victims.

Over the course of the week I’ll also post about what to do if you think you may be suffering at the hands of a stalker, things you shouldn’t do and why, information about diary logs as well as looking at the different types of stalking, such as digital and cyber stalking. 

Whether you think you may be a victim of stalking or have never experienced it, please keep reading. It might be that a family member, friend or even a colleague experiences it in the future. Hopefully you’ll feel better placed to help someone find the courage they need to come forward to the police and get the help they need.

Any victim of stalking will tell you how distressing this type of offending is - and no one should have to deal with it on their own.

If my work this week gives at least one victim the confidence to come forward then it will have been worthwhile.
Until my next post, why not watch this video on stalking from the Suzy Lamplaugh Trust, the UK’s personal safety charity.

Thanks for reading… stay tuned.