11 December 2012

Focus on... Businesses and the Specials

Guy Thompson
T/Inspector and Specials Co-ordinator. 
Joined Kent Police in 1993.

Have you considered how having volunteer officers in your organisation can benefit your business?

Our Special Constables are volunteer officers who help fight crime and increase public safety in Kent.

Benefits to you and your employees
Having staff members who are Specials can help your business become involved with your local community.

It can also help:
  • increase your employees’ skills set - Specials learn skills during their training and while out on the job which can be transferred to the workplace, such as communication, conflict management and leadership.
  • demonstrate your commitment to making a difference in the local community
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Ways your business can get involved in ESP
You can:
  • support and promote the recruitment of Specials in the workplace (displaying posters and/or distributing leaflets)
  • release staff for mandatory training and at times of significant emergencies. You could also consider offering use of facilities too.
  • allow staff 50 per cent of their basic training and a minimum of four hours a month paid leave to perform operational duties. You can publish policy which demonstrates you support ESP.
  • make a commitment to provide Specials a minimum of eight hours a month paid leave to perform duties and 100% time off for basic training and ongoing development needs.

ESP at Kent Police 
At Kent Police, we have an Employer Supported Policing Scheme for staff who wish to become Specials. We provide eight hours of paid leave per month, with a minimum of eight hours to be committed by the individual in his or her own time.

Employer Supported Policing provides employees with access to the full training and skills set needed to become a Special Constable, all of which have real benefits for employers.

Find out more
For more information or to find out how your business can get involved in the scheme, visit www.kent.police.uk/specials