14 December 2012

Specials recognised at east Kent Commander Awards

Chief Superintendent Alan Horton

Divisional Commander, East Kent

On Wednesday this week, I presented awards to two special constables and a special sergeant for their exceptional work, as part of the East Kent Divisional Commander awards.

I gave Special Constable Ben Rose a Certificate of Merit for his professionalism and dedication following an incident in October last year.

On Wednesday 19 October 2011, Ben was off duty and driving to his day job when he became aware of police officers in the area looking for someone. While at Thanet Services Ben became suspicious of a man who had just got out of a vehicle. He approached the man and believed he was the person police officers were looking for. The driver appeared to be under the influence of alcohol when he attempted to get back in his car so SC Rose detained him until police officers arrived. The man was arrested for excess breath alcohol and driving while disqualified. He was given a 101-day custodial sentence.

I also awarded a Certificate of Merit to Special Constable Ollie Woodrow and Special Sergeant Rob Linkins.

On Wednesday 28 March 2012, Ollie and Rob were on foot patrol in Canterbury when a member of the public approached them with suspicions about a man collecting cash for the Help For Heroes charity.

Ollie and Rob spoke with the man and became suspicious he was fraudulently collecting money. After carrying out enquiries with the charity, the officers were told he was not collecting on behalf of the charity so they arrested him. The man was later charged with fraud by false representation.

The officers were all awarded for their professionalism, putting public safety before their own.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee medals
Also at the ceremony, I presented Special Constables Ian Dearberg, Fraser Macallum and Special Sergeants Dave Roberts and Alex Grace with their Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals.

'Highly-motivated and dedicated team'
It is an enormous privilege to lead such a highly motivated and dedicated team in the delivery of policing to the communities in east Kent. Day in and day out I am struck by how committed to their role my team and the teams we work with are, whether they are members of the Special Constabulary, police staff or warranted officers.

These awards recognise the outstanding work of just a few of the many, whether that work is a professional and tenacious investigation, outstanding leadership, stunning performance or the very highest recognition for selflessly saving a life. Taken together they show that everyone at Kent Police is totally committed to policing and delivering a quality service.

You can read more about the work of our Specials on our website at www.kent.police.uk/focus